When Life Gets in the Way

I am sorry about my lack of posting. I have never been much of a journal-er so this whole blogging thing does not come naturally to me. However, after many weeks if nice weather I have quite a few FOs that need photographing and weather which is not conducive to picture taking. So hopefully in the next few days I will get around to photographing: Carla's Mittens (which I have been promising her since last winter), my Hawthorne Scarf/Shawl by Susana IC from the latest Twist Collective, the spinning I have done from the September Phat Fiber Box and two (soon to be three) of the cousin hats I have been commissioned to make for my Ottawa boy cousins.

Also a few life activities got in the way of blogging, the first being Canadian Thanksgiving and the second being my 26th birthday. Both were lovely affairs that involved pumpkin desserts and good company. And my beautiful Golding Ring Spindle arrived. That, and learning how to spin on the fly (rather than park and draft) have been taking up all my time.

Again, sorry for the photo-less post, but I hope to make up for it soon with a gallery of my FOs.