Is Black Roving Really Black?

The weather outside was frightful, but I managed to make the day delightful.  The addition of Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly and Dr. Horrible), a soy chai latte, and spinning made every thing better.

This is my first REAL handspun.  I have spun up most of my first Phat Fiber Sampler, but this was the first time I did more than a few grams or was freaking out the whole time about messing up. The fiber was a merino top I pick up at the Gateway Fiberworks in Gravenhurst.  The owner, who was really helpful, told me that fiber had been dyed using the black Wilton's cake dye.  That made me even more certain that I had to own it because when I was in Grade 4 I earned top prize at the Science Fair for an experiment called "Is Black Ink Really Black?" at looked at the way different black inks separated when subjected to capillary action.  It was a very cool experiment in a very cool book, The Science For Girls, and Other Intelligent Beings, which had similar results to what happened here.

So in order to make this yarn I had to use an awesome tool which I bought for myself earlier this month.

This is my 1.9oz Golding Ring Spindle.  It is amazing, using it has improved my spinning so much, while my Galia Spindle spun better than my Knit Picks Turkish Spindle, the weight of the Golding has allowed me to stop the "Park and Draft".  This has helped me speed up my spinning.

There is something to that "you get what you pay for" saying with respect to spindles, at least in my experience. But they all work together to make some awesome yarns.