On Gifts and Christmas

So, it has been more than a month since my last post, ooops.  I would say time got away from me, but I knew what I was doing.  I feel bad posting without pictures and I always forget to take pictures.  However, my Mom got back from Texas on December 4th, and Christmas was on. I love Christmas, full stop.  I love the baking, the cooking, the tree, the gifts, the lights, the songs.  I don't love the glitter as much as my mother, but there is still time for that.

The first kick off to Christmas was giving my mom her birthday present.  Her birthday is in October, around Canadian Thanksgiving, but I didn't have the Clapotis ready (or even planned yet).  So as I mentioned above my Mom loves Christmas, and looks great in red, it always sucks to give her something Christmas-y at Christmas, because she has to wait almost a year to make good use of it.  So she got the Clapotis as a belated birthday present, and she loved it.

I nicknamed the project the Teddy Bear Watch Wrap because of an incident in my childhood.  When I was no more than 10, I helped my Dad pick out a watch for my Mom as a Christmas present, it was really cute and had a teddy bear on it. When my Mom was getting ready to go out somewhere I asked if she was going to wear her teddy bear watch, of course it was still wrapped up under the tree.  Since then my family has had little faith in my ability to keep secrets, particularly around Christmas.

Now that I am an adult I get to give gifts whenever I want, rather than having to wait for Christmas morning.