On 2011 and Looking Forward

Happy New Year!

For the first time in years I was actually awake at midnight, not because I am an old fart, but the pragmatist in me feels that the new year will come with, or without me.

But for 2011, I celebrated with family and friends, food and drink, Wii games and board games. Good times were had by all.

The only downer going into 2011, is that the snow is nearly all gone.  Despite my reticence to enjoy the snow, this is what comes from three years in Texas, I am somewhat miffed to see it wash away in two days of solid rain. However, that horrible ice dam outside my window will be all gone and have a chance to reform for the rest of the crazy long winter we have in Ontario.

However, as it is New Year's Day, I thought I might decide if I have any goals for the year.  I am not one for New Year's Resolutions, particularly of the dramatic or sweeping sort, mostly because big changes are hard to manage and I dislike the feeling when I start to let them slide, not enough to restart the good habit, but just enough to make me feel crappy.

For 2011, I will:

Personal Life-

  • Work on being "active and happy" as a means of improving my mental and physical health
  • Continue to be involved in my local community
  • Find joy in  fibery activities
  • Enjoy the natural surroundings of eastern Georgian Bay

Fibery -

  • Don't buy as much yarn as last year
  • Spin regularly and improve my spinning techniques
  • Try out dyeing so that I can cut down the cost of spinning
  • Improve the techniques I learned this year, including stranded colorwork, lace and cables
  • Learn new techniques, like intarsia, double knitting, and others I have not thought of yet.
  • Try out crochet, I love the idea of being as bi (tri?) craftual as possible, or just become the Capt. Jack Harkness of crafting.
  • And, make a pair of mittens a month, like so many self-imposed sock of the month clubs. - I haven't picked the patterns yet, but the first two pairs to finish will probably be my current WIPs (which include cabling for one, and colorwork/doubleknit for the other). -I think that half the mittens will come from the Woodlands Mitten Kit from Knit Picks.  Which includes six charts for mittens and enough Palette yarn to make them.
  • Document my fibery activities (knitting, spinning, felting, dyeing?, crochet?) with better pictures and blog posts.

Is that enough?  I have big plans, but I must say that the rain and grey day we are having is helping to ensure that I get some first of the year knitting done.