On Models and Teddy Bears

So as you may have noticed, I don't appear in my finished objects pictures. This is a result of a couple of factors, 1. I don't have any human models and 2. I don't have a self timer for my camera and 3. I don't use the webcam in my computer (so maybe I keep it covered with a pink post-it note, it's about the only truly Luddite-ish paranoia I have).  This means that I needed a hand, or rather a paw, to show off my knits.  That is where my good friend Brown Bear stepped in.

Brown Bear, who has been with me since my first Christmas (a gift from my Oma and Opa), was first called to modeling duty for the Our First Sweater and Our First Booties projects back in the summer.  As I have not spent any time around babies I have no idea how big they are when the first arrive, so I decided to try the sweater I had just knit on Brown Bear.  Needless to say, I had to take a picture.

So, the sweater did fit the baby when it arrived and all was well, but I couldn't help continuing to use my bears to model my knits.

Because of his status as an elder statesman, and the fact that he is not as fuzzy as he started, Brown Bear hasn't been called for any more modeling jobs, and the new bear has been pressed into service.

This bear does not have quite the same pedigree as Brown Bear (who incidentally was named as such because my parents didn't want to name him for me and called him the brown bear, I was not an excessively creative child).

This second bear is nameless, well he had a name but I am too embarrassed to use it.  When I was too old for this story to be cute, but young enough for it not to be creepy (I hope) I bought this bear (and its twin) at a Build-a-Bear workshop as a gift for a boy I loved (spoiler, it was unrequited).  He got a bear named after me and I kept a bear named after him.  We never had a real relationship (virtual relationships can seem so real when you are a teenager), and all I have left from that time is an awkward note about how he didn't feel "that way" about me and this bear. Since then this bear has been without a name but a wonderful model and occasional car pillow.

So, this nameless bear who reminds me of the joy and pain of youthful love, has become quite the supermodel.

As a note, I will be participating in Knit and Crochet Blog Week, created and hosted by the fantastic Eskimimi Knits.

This week, which I particpated in last year (and can be found on the old blog here) encourages us fiber bloggers to get talking about the same things at the same time.  Using a tagging system we will be able to find each other and meet new cybery/fibery friends. I know my friend the Knitting Ninja will be participating, and I look forward to meeting others during the week.

So keep your eyes peeled for some different types of posts, starting on Monday.