Do Not Adjust Your Monitors

So, after many months of identity crisis, I have made the big switch ... I am officially moving the blog over to a new name.

So my friends, welcome to Green Bean's String Factory, where I turn stuff into string and string back into stuff.  All the posts, comments and fun from the Sound Knit Works have migrated over with me, and I am looking forward to keeping the party going over here in the new digs.

I feel the new blog matches much more closely with my personal identity, my family has been calling me Bean for what seems like my whole life, and my deep and abiding affection for green, as a color and a concept.  When I was two years old, I got to pick the carpet color for my bedroom, it was mint green.  That was about 6 houses ago, and the color green sticks with me, although it has shifted over the years from mint, to lemongrass to sage to celadon.

But I don't just identify with green as a color, but also as an identity.  I love being outdoors, using non-motorized transport (like riding my green bike or hiking in my green running shoes), studying ideas of nature and wilderness.

So that's it, welcome to the new home, in the spirit of me, the Green Bean, the thermostat will be low to save energy and so we can wear our warm woolies.