FO: Dishcloths for Grannie

I was over at my grandparent's house back in January and while my grandparents and parents played bridge I did the dishes.  I found the dishcloths to be in a sorry state (faded and stretched out). In order to start repaying all the kindness (and meals) my grandparents have given me, I decided to make them more dishcloths.

I got Bernat cotton from Wally-World, a big ball o' cotton yarn, and managed to get 10 full cloths out of the 340g ball. Well, there was about 5 yards of yarn left.

Project Name: Dishcloths for Grannie

Pattern: Traditional, first knitting pattern I learned

Recipient: Grannie

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafters Cotton Naturals (340g) in Earth Ombre


  • Made each of them 50 stitches at the widest point
  • Added a crocheted loop made out of tail yarn

New Skills:

  • Not a one, this pattern was the first one I ever made, and the only thing I knit for the first year or so.

Feedback: Solid pattern, and the yarn pooled really nicely

Re-Knit?: Probably, it is a great project to just have on the go and to do when doing trail pass checks.