On Adventures and Socks

Many apologies for my long radio silence, my life has been filled up with new adventures and activities for the past month, and I have had time for crafting or blogging and I decided that crafting was more fun. As I am embarking on new adventures in my personal life, I thought it might be time to take some adventures in my crafting life, including taking on a challenge I have stated publicly I would not do.

I am making socks.

I said I would never make socks.

It is all Glenna C and Tanis's fault.

Okay, not really their fault, but they are somewhat responsible.

Background:  As a means of controlling my yarn stash, which was one of my goals for the year, I decided to join a yarn club.  The Year in Colour from Tanis Fiber Arts was just to yummy to pass up on.  Six parcels (over 12 months) of beautiful hand-dyed sock yarns (her Blue and Purple Labels) and six projects for the yarn by fantastic designers.

So my march parcel shows up with this yarn,

and this sock pattern from Glenna C,

and I was smitten, however, before I tore back the fantastic Purple Label yarn (MCN - Merino Cashmere Nylon) trying to make these socks, I needed to do a test run and make sure I had this sock thing down before I used the magic yarn.

I am not one to not use nice yarn, I love using beautiful and special yarn for beautiful and special projects, like Dream in Color Starry for Clapotis or tosh DK for my Hawthorne Shawl or Honey Cowl or Snapdragon Tam. But I didn't want to resent the yarn when I couldn't get gauge or when I couldn't turn the heel.

Around the time this parcel showed up, I was working on my Oak Ridges Moraine Tote and deciding that I needed to order another ball of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes to finish up the bag.  At the same time the 2011 Felici colors were released.  For those who are not familiar, KnitPicks does a limited run of self-striping sock yarns (Fingering and Sport).  These yarns come out in spring and are not repeated, although the Rainbow that was released in 2010 was such a hit that there was something similar, but not identical in 2011.

So in order to fill up my KnitPicks cart with something other than a $1.99 ball of white Peruvian wool (which is fantastic for felting/fulling) I tossed in a couple of balls of Felici Sport in Groovy.

My first introduction to Felici (and KnitPicks) was from my friend the Knitting Ninja and her Timey-Wimey Socks made from the Jaywalker Sock Pattern by Grumperina and in the Time Traveller colorway of Felici Fingering.

So I embark on a new adventure in my knitting, trying something new and scary.