On Stripes and Socks

So, my socks are growing, and growing, and growing. On Friday:


and by Sunday:


So far I have made only a couple of minor errors on the bias-knit stitch pattern, but they have been "fixed" and I am the only one who will notice them.

So far so good, the KnitPicks Felici is holding up well, and the color changes are quick so they are almost invisible with the optical illusion that is the bias knit stitch pattern.  Just a few more inches till the heel flap and then to turn the heel.  I feel like turning a heel is one of those things you are supposed to be afraid of as a knitter, but really it is just more knitting.  I figure  if I can survive grafting/kitchener stitch, cabling (with or without a cable needle) and double sided lace (ie. pattern on both sides, not a purled return) I can survive turning the heel.

So back to making a sock, I will be sure to show it off as I get more done.