On The One, The Many and Projects

I admit it, I really don't do well working on multiple projects at once.

As much as I like to think that I am capable of juggling all sorts of projects at once, I really am a one (or maybe two)-at-a-time girl.  Case in point was the trio of projects I was working on for the past few months, the Stardust Neckwarmer, the Groovy Big Kid Socks and the First Crochet Blanket.

With these three projects, I didn't feel liberated by the options of different projects, but rather frustrated because I never seemed to make any head way on any of them.  I know often times people have many different projects for different conditions, like socks for your purse, a challenging weekend knit.  For me, I don't find I don't do much sneak knitting.  It's not that I don't like knitting in public, I just can't be bothered to pull something out knit a bit and then put it away.  I'm also not one to knit at restaurants, movies or concerts, so I  have no need for a purse project.

For the past few weeks I have been alternating between projects, spending a week crocheting or a week knitting socks.

While I do currently have two projects on the go, by Double Helix Socks and my Crochet Blanket, I am currently reorganizing my queue to make sure I have a nice mix of projects so I can stay on track and not overwhelm myself with so many different projects at once.