FO: First Crochet Blanket

So after many months of crocheting, waiting for yarn and procrastinating, my first real crochet project is finished.

I can't say I went into my fiber addiction because of crochet, like many people I have a perception than crochet was stuck in the 70s, with icky cheap acrylics and dated patterns.  However, after discovering Attic24, I realized how wrong I was.   Lucy, the fantastic designer/blogger behind Attic24, is surrounded in a world of beautiful crocheted blankets in a rainbow of colors.

Last summer I picked up a sampler pack of KnitPicks Comfy Sport yarn. It was a good deal and I thought I was going to make baby toys with it.  However, as months have passed I had no interst in toys but a strong interest in getting it out of my stash, so the combination of a beautiful pre-picked palette of colors and the designs of Attic 24, it seemed like the thing to do.

So as far as color, I used yellow for all the centres, and used each of the non yellow or white colors for both the inner and outer rings, pairing them with every color but their own.  When it came time to attach, I decided to take the advice of my quilting sister and not overplan the distribution of colors.  I divided the motifs thirds, taking on of each color combo into a group (so no identical motifs in each group).  Then starting at the corner, I attached them in rows of ten, grabbing from the bag at random. However, I did make sure than never did the same inner color or outer color be the same as the ones surrounding it.  Because of this little bit of color planning there are some neat patterning in the blanket.

So I am really happy with the blanket, and I am actually making a baby sweater out of what I have left, because I think it would make a nice gift, one day.  I am thankful none of my friends are having babies yet, but I am ready when they are.

Project Name: First Crochet Blanket

Pattern: Hexagon How-To by Lucy at Attic24

Recipient: The first baby girl I meet

Yarn: Comfy Sport by KnitPicks.

It is a cotton/acrylic blend, not my usual sort of yarn but perfect for baby stuff.  I bought a sampler last fall and ended up using 1 ball of Creme Brulee for the centres, then most of a ball of each in Marlin, Sea Foam, Silver Sage, Peony, Honey Dew and Cashew, and 4.5 balls of Ivory for all the surrounding parts.  As a note, many of these colors have been and are currently being discontinued.


  • I made 90 motifs (10x9) in the finished blanket.  The pattern is more of a guideline, so this wasn't so much of a modification as a size.

New Skills:

  • Crochet
  • Crocheted Hexagons

Feedback: LOVE IT.  The way the motifs looks like flowers, was intentional reference to the fantastic Flowers in the Snow Afghan as crocheted by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts.  The directions from Attic24 were clear and helpful.

Re-Knit?: Without a doubt, however it may be larger or smaller as need be.  The options for yarn size, finished size, colors makes it a great gift project, and crocheting an afghan seems so much quicker than knitting one.