On WIPs and Sneak Peeks

So, I know I have been a little, well majorly off the grid these last few weeks.  First I went on an impromptu vacation to Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula with my good friend Tiff and then I started getting a new long-term life WIP on the go.

I have moved.  Although it is not a permanent location, but hopefully it will be home till spring.  My grandparents moved into a condo and they were having some trouble selling their house, so until it sells I am here and out of my parent's house.

This has been consuming most of my energy for the past week and a half, although I have finished two projects and am well into a third.  I am going to get those FOs up this week (I finally took pictures tonight) and then we will see how much time I get to spend on the blog with my new house tending commitments.