On Cats and Future Caturdays

This is Momma, she was my cat many years ago and is again.  As I mentioned earlier I have moved into my grandparents house while they are trying to sell it, (Don't worry about their health, they are living up on the hill in a fancy new condo).  One of the conditions for moving in was that I had to take their cat, who had been our cat, because while she could spend the summer at the cottage, she would need a place to go after the weather had started to get cold.

So yesterday Momma Cat moved in.

The story behind her name is long and convoluted, but she had kittens named Dicey, Sammy and Maybeth, if you can guess where this name came from (and Carla Bee you are excluded from this contest) will win ... nothing but the good feeling of knowing you won.

So right now Momma and I are figuring out whether I can teach an old cat new tricks.