FO: Burnished Leaves Stole

After making three of them, I realized I don't wear triangle shawls. I do however wear scarf-y, stole-y wraps year round.  I decided that I should knit things I will actually wear (rather than things I think I should probably wear) and this gem had been sitting in my queue for nearly a year.

While the project wasn't designed for this year (the original yarn is much fluffier than what I used) I think it worked out brilliantly, the color and the pattern compliment each other so well.

Project Name: Burnished Leaves Stole

Pattern: Autumn Leaves Stole by Jared Flood for Brooklyn Tweed

Recipient: Me!

Yarn:  madelintosh Vintage in Burnished


  • None intended (however I did end up making it a bit shorter than the pattern described, mostly because my yarn was worsted spun and a bit heaver so the yardage was a bit shorter for the same weight of woollen spun Shelter that is called for in the pattern).

New Skills:

  • Grafting a shawl together.  I did fine, except things went a bit funny in the garter edging, I am not sure how I would have fixed the issue I had

Feedback: Jared Flood never fails to amaze and inspire, not only are his patterns are well written and edited, the pattern pages themselves are well designed and attractive.  The pattern was surprisingly quick, the charts were without error and everything worked well. While I would have liked to have knit it out of Shelter (the Brooklyn Tweed yarn), Vintage worked quite well.  The colors were unreal and ethereal, it was never quite the same color twice.

Re-Knit?: Probably not, however there are two other BT stoles on my queue because of how pleased I was about how this one turned out.