FO: Mintycloud Smoke Ring

This cowl has been finished for more than a month now, but due to crappy weather and the fact that I am never home during daylight hours (and recently the daylight hours I have been home are nasty and overcast) I haven't taken any project pictures.  This is the first of four finished objects that are waiting for their turn in front of the camera.  While this a blog backup, it does mean that I should have all my 2011 projects finished in 2011, which is pretty darn cool.

When I originally got the KnitPicks Aloft, a version of the classic Rowan Kidsilk Haze, also known as KSH or Kracksilk Haze by its devotees, I wanted to make the Ice Queen pattern by Romi Hill, but not long into it I realized that the pattern was just too fiddley for me with the fuzzy yarn.  I found the Thundercloud Cowl on the KnitPicks IDP site and while it was designed for two skeins of Aloft, it worked out fine with one, although it is more of a tight, smoke ring type cowl, rather than a drape-y large cowl it was designed to be.

As to the yarn itself, the color was great and the yarn is soft, but I am obviously not a KSH person, because I didn't really enjoy working with Aloft.  I found it tough to work and I occasionally found fluffies in my mouth.  I have some similar knock of KSH to make a stole and I will make it, I love the color, but that is it for me a mohair.

 - Details -

Project Name: Mintycloud Smoke Ring

Pattern: Thundercloud Cowl by Snowden Becker

Recipient: Me

Yarn: KnitPicks Aloft in Tranquil


  • Shortened the length to accommodate that I only had a single skein

New Skills:

  • Built-in i-cord


  • Yarn:  It was nice but not in love with silk/mohair
  • Pattern: Clear instructions, good charts (although the WS doesn't really need to be charted, it was just purl back (aside from the built-in i-cord edging).  I could have used a bit more info about doing the i-cord, because it is skimmed over and for many this may be their first time doing a built-in i-cord)

Re-Knit?:  Nope.  But I expect this one will be long lasting, and I may still make other tight cowls in the future, I really prefer them to scarves.