FO: Winter Hat

So after projects just dragging on forever, I decided I needed a warm hat and quick knit.  My sister had been talking about these amazing hat patterns she had found and the one called Autumn seemed to fit the bill.  Jane Richomond, the designer of the hat, has some fantastic patterns and you can tell she is Canadian because the hats are both functional and attractive. I find so many of that hats designed by people in places where a hat is more of a fashion accessory than a necessity are never long enough or warm enough to be useful to me. This one is warm, well fitting and fun.

I managed to get these shots on Tuesday, the one sunny day I managed to be home from before the sun went down, and even getting home at 4pm the sun was nearly gone.  The one thing you might notice in these shots is a distinct lack of snow.  We have been having a very atypical December, every time we get snow it is gone within 3 or 4 days because of warm weather and rain.  Its not clear whether we will have a white Christmas, something that has people here out of sorts.  I'm fine with no snow, I spent most of my childhood in Pennsylvania and Texas where a white Christmas was special in the former and improbable in the latter.

Overall, a great hat designed by a Canadian, by a Canadian out of Canadian yarn.  I am really enjoying wearing it and it will still be perfect once the snow starts accumulating.

- Details -

Project Name: Winter

Pattern: Autumn by Jane Richmond

Recipient: Me

Yarn: Fleece Artist Big Merino in purple


  • Increased the number of cast on stitches to make the hat denser and warmer while still fitting.

New Skills:

  • None


  • Yarn:  Very soft, but very easy to felt.  This yarn will makes a big, warm ... something, but I wouldn't use it for mittens because it doesn't feel very abrasion resistant.  I am seeing big bulky cowls and nice warm hats.
  • Pattern: Nice short pattern. Very clear and well designed.

Re-Knit?:  Very likely.  I like having a nice warm hat and this one is great.  Although I would likely make mods and try different stitch patterns on the hat portion.