FO: Dad's Christmas Mittens

Generally, I find knitted gifts a poor decision, it is so easy to invest too much time and energy in something that is at best unappreciated and at worst hated.  However, with my father back in Canada for the winter mittens are always appreciated.

My Oma, his mother, was a talented knitter, and although she didn't teach me (her hands and mind weren't their best when I wanted to learn) I have many of her tools in my stash.  She knitted in rough wools and crunchy acrylics, so he hasn't always loved knitting, but hopefully the fantastic soft and beautiful Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label will sway him to the dark side.

Now that Christmas morning is past us, I can report that he likes the mitts (and even more the hat my sister made for him in matching yarn).

- Details -

Project Name: Dad's Christmas Mitts

Pattern: My Own (built from the Fried Chicken Mitts) but with similar mods to my Winter Sunshine Mitts

Recipient: Dad

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Olive


  • Knitted two at a time (and amended pattern to work that way)
  • Knitted two thumbs at the same time (and amended pattern to work that way)
  • Adapted gauge and size
  • Changed top to paired "flat" decreases rather than spiral decreases
  • Used kitchener stitch on the top instead of a gather.

New Skills:

  • The desire to start writing patterns
  • Two at a time thumbs


  • Yarn: The twist is very tight, which makes it abrasion resistant but also a bit odd to use as a center pull ball.
  • Pattern: Same issues as last time, but this time I think I wrote my mods in such a way that I can make my own default mitten pattern

Re-Knit?: Yep, but with my own mods.  I am interested in writing up a mitten pattern based on my experiences making these mittens.