FO: Baby Ripples Blanket

It is going to be a bit a race to the finish to blog all the things I need to blog before the end of 2011.  This blanket is the biggest project I have done to date.

At this point I don't have any recipients lined up for the blanket yet, but I know that a well made cotton/acrylic baby blanket is a good gift on had as I (and my friends) get closer to 30 than 25.

Yet again, I am pleased with the fantastic instruction that is an Attic24 pattern, when I grow up I want to be as cool as Lucy.

- Details -

Project Name: Baby Ripples Blanket

Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic 24.

Recipient: Unknown as of this time.

Yarn: KnitPicks Comfy Sport in Fedora, Ivory, Cashew, Sea Foam, Marlin, Creme Brulee, Silver Sage, Peony and Honey Dew.


  • Chained 171 to make an 40in edge
  • Patterned the ripples to use up the maximum amount of yarn

New Skills:

  • Crocheted Ripple Pattern


  • Yarn: Such a good workhorse yarn, and after washing (Warm/Cold) and drying (medium) it blooms and is just so soft. Also because of the acrylic it doesn't seem to to shrink up and it kept its drape.
  • Pattern: As always Lucy's pattern is clear, concise and with lots of photos.

Re-Crochet?: Probably not, however I might do more of Lucy's patterns. I don't have much use for crocheted blankets as I have some beautiful quilts.