FO: Olivia

Another day, another finished object. After the serious knitting dry spell I went through this summer/fall I am back with a vengance.  I have been trying to make a hat out of this madelinetosh tosh DK since the spring, but it wasn't till I found this pattern that everything "clicked".

I find I have trouble with hats, because I like having my ears covered in these cold Ontario winters, so earflap hats are my favorite, but they look goofy.  I like the look of berets but they don't stay on my head. Beanies look silly and don't cover my ears.  This hat is the perfect balance of decent look and ear coverage.

This and Winter are my two most favorite hats (and I haven't had either of them very long), I look forward to lots of wear in the future.

- Details -

Project Name: Olivia

Pattern: Hefeweizen by Larissa Brown in Stitchmarker

Recipient: Me, all me

Yarn: madelinetosh tosh DK in Olivia


  • None

New Skills:

  • Hops Stitch Pattern (the ribbed band section)


  • Yarn: tosh DK is a great yarn, the color is fabulous, hand is a nice combination of flop and twist, and it is ever so soft.  I have yet to have a disappointing experience with tosh DK.
  • Pattern:  This is my first time using a Larissa Brown pattern, I am impressed by the pattern, the photographs of the Hops Stitch Pattern was very helpful.  I have been looking at her other designs to see what else I can get into!

Re-Knit?: Maybe.  I like the proportions of the hat so I might one day use it again but change up the band for something different.