A Year of Socks?

So, when I was setting my goals for 2012, one thing I wanted to accomplish was to set myself an unreasonable goal and really try to hit it.   My recent discovery that I love knitting socks and my bucket full of sock yarns gave me the idea that I might want to do 12 pairs of socks in 2012.

I know many people set out the patterns they want to do by month and I have started doing that, however I am not "declaring" my patterns and my yarns, as I have changed the order and pairings pretty well every day since I decided to do this.  However, I will say that my Pomotomus Socks that I am making for the TFA2012KAL (and if you notice I have changed the pattern since setting out those goals less than a month ago) are my January Socks.

You will be able to keep track of my socks, as I will be tagging them so you can find them in the top bar.

I think I have selected my February Socks as well, they are likely going to be the Hermione's Everyday Socks made out of Fleece Artist Trail Socks in Sugar Plum.  These textured socks don't have too much to get lost under the dark multi yarn.

No wait, I want to make Staked by Glenna C, using the November Cranberry colorway from the TFA 2011 Year in Colour Club.

Oh no, I started a pair of vanilla socks in KnitPicks Felici Sport back in December, I should probably finish those first.

Decisions, decisions!