Movin' on up?

So, I don't think I am going to get my final TFA KAL project done by the Jan 31st, mostly because I am about 10 grams into a 115 gram ball of Red Label and true lace (as in patterning on every row) is not exactly the quickest stuff to finish.

I would have had a fighting chance of finishing if I hadn't moved this weekend.  Why yes, I have moved again.  The house I have been staying at since September sold back in early December but the closing date isn't until Feb 10, so I got to spend the the holidays and January (which is an evil, devilish month, at least for 2012 it has been) in the house.

So I am back with my parents, hopefully not for long as I am already missing the privacy of living alone, however, having good meals prepared is pretty awesome!  I no longer have an office, but rather my desk is at the end of the hall, I miss my office but hopefully I will get more spinning done now that I have a spinning corner in my room.

MommaCat, who I have been caring for since I moved into my old place, is spending this last night alone and tomorrow will be headed for her new digs.  I will miss her, but she wasn't really my cat, I was just her nanny for a while, and I won't miss cleaning her litter box.