Time to Sew?

So I knit and spin, but after helping Carla get inventory ready for her Etsy shop (go buy something, her baby quilts are top notch) I felt like I would like to know how to quilt.

I sewed when I was younger, I even made myself a RenFaire costume when I was in middle school, components of which have appeared in Halloween costumes to this day. I know how to install patches on my jeans and fix a crappy seam on a bag,  however, I decided that I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn how to quilt.

The first stop in any quilting adventure is to pick fabric.  While I could have gone to my local fabric store and picked up some meh cottons, I decided to take the advice of Carla and go with a Moda designer.  Many in my family can attest to my inability to match clothes, so the idea of putting together a group of fabrics that work stressed me out, also like with a first knitting projects, if the pattern and the materials don't inspire you there is no compelling reason to actually work on a project, because crafting doesn't make me any money.

So I picked out the Urban Cowgirl line by Urban Chiks.  The full fabric line can be seen HERE.

"You don’t have to be from Texas to get in touch with your inner cowgirl! Just round up some of the Urban Chiks new range of country classics. Inspired by vintage cowboy shirts and Granny’s old aprons the Chiks mix and match tiny rosebuds, lacy florals, paisley and plaids in a soft, washed-out palette you’re sure to love like your favorite pair of faded blue jeans."

For those who know I am, sorta, from Texas.  When my Canadian family naturalized as Americans we did it a high school auditorium in Houston and the judge presiding, who had big blonde hair and appropriately Texan drawl, announced that we were "Texans first and Americans second".  At this point I was in high school and we were living back in Canada, (it is a long complicated story, but basically the State Department knew and was cool with it) so this was kinda my thing.

However, in the fall of 2007, I was stuck without a plan following the completion of my undergrad studies in Geography, my Dad had just taken a job in Austin and I decided that an aimless winter in Austin beat an aimless winter in Ontario.  So I moved back to Texas. I ended up working and studying in Austin, eventually graduating from University of Texas (Go Longhorns) in spring 2010, and heading back to Canada, with an authentic pair of Texas cowboy boots as a graduation present.

So after this long rambling story, all I am trying say is "Texas Forever" (I lived in East Austin for a while, where they filmed parts of Friday Night Lights) and that this fabric really spoke to me.  The aethetic is very me, rural, comfy and casual, but with a handmade twist.

So now to start actually cutting and quilting.  Thankfully Carla is a short drive (and even quicker phone call) away, and I have a few credits in the bank from when she started knitting so I need to just cut in (carefully) and get it going.