WIP Wednesday: May 9th

So, despite all sorts of other distractions, I have managed to have a pretty good fiber week.  I warped and wove a scarf since last week and my test knit is getting to be about halfway done (I'm not really allowed to show it, yet, but the Seabreeze yarn was just too pretty to exclude).  I finally "turned' my first short row heel on my Felici purse socks, and I must confess I really like knitting the garter shortrows, no wraps to pick up.

The green socks haven't really gotten started yet, it is currently my "have to think" knit priority and once it is done I will be diving into them so I can get them done by the end of the KAL being hosted by Sweet Georgia herself.  The purple cowl has made several apperances in public and I enjoy it as it is pretty much all *SC, Ch1* making it a great knit for dinners out.

Also, I have started spinning again.  I was getting really discouraged about the yarns I was making but I spent most of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at my desk finishing off a consulting project and I entertained myself by watching all the Interweave spinning and weaving videos I downloading both before I got my wheel (December 2010) and a few months ago.  Thanks to Judith MacKenznie's video "A Spinner's Toolbox" I am managing to spin a semi-worsted yarn and that is deeply exciting.   I split up this top braid a long while ago with the intention of spinning a fractal 3-ply .  I am going to stick with that plan, but I am expecting it to be super bulky due to my spinning style and that I am spinning it on my largest pulley.