Run Bean Run

Now that it has been nearly two months, I guess feel like I am starting to get some traction with running.  I have started running a half dozen times since high school.  Every time I gave up, but this time I think I have done it long enough to actually start enjoying it.  It is a quick, cheap and easy form of exercise that can be done pretty well anywhere as long as a person has a pair of running shoes.

So, I guess this is a belated Mother's Day post, mostly because it is my mom who is the one who makes me want to enjoy running.  Although she is in the latter half of her 50s, she is active, fit and looks nothing like a woman in her late 50s.  She runs and for the most part enjoys it, but the big thing is that with each foot thump (this morning she described her run as being elephant-like, with the steps being more like thumps than gazelle like gracefulness) she is enjoying herself, and helping to keep her body and mind healthy.

So, when I run I think about the fact that I want to be active in my late 50s and able to run well enough to not act my age. So thanks mom, for being an inspiration, even when I don't treat you like one.

For most of my life I have been an ABR kind of person. Anything but running. I enjoy kayaking and cycling, and walking, I love walking, but running has always just been too much for me.  My weight makes running more challenging than for someone with an non-overweight body, but I just didn't "get" running, it just seemed really stupid.

However, thanks to the Ease into 5K app, and my iPhone, I am starting to "get" running.  The program has pre-set workouts and the voice in my head tells me when to run and when to walk and I don't have the opportunity over think things and I actually get a decent amount of exercise without having to engage my brain (which sometimes has plans of its own, that involve not running).

Now I just need to do my yoga and then my mom will be totally proud of me.