Where I've Been Sunday: July 1st

(Note: this was originally a WIP Wednesday post that I changed the tense on and posted on Sunday)

Oh wow, the days are flying by.

Between my new job, and finishing up the website for my old job (I did the content, real designers did the layout and logos and coding) and knitting like the wind blogging has fallen to the bottom of my to do list.

However, this knitting like the wind thing has been great.  I finished my Through the Loops Mystery Shawl KAL on Wednesday night.  I also finished my Sweet Georgia KAL socks (the previously frogged green socks), I have my loom rewarped and I think I know what I want to spin for the Tour de Fleece.

Now I that it is the long weekend (still have two more days of vacation) I have finished my mystery shawl, and by the end of the weekend I will be halfway on my Spectra scarf, maybe get the toes knit on my new Time-y Wime-y socks and into the fourth short row section of Secrets of Change in some Tosh Sock in Opaline.  Also, since finishing my green socks, I have been working on my latest plain Felici pair of socks and lunch, and maybe I will manage to get to the heels soon, but I'm not all that hopeful.  It won't be sport weight sock weather here till mid-Septeber/early-October, so I have lots of time, and three other pairs of Felici sport socks (and another skein waiting in the stash).

Also, I would love to get another scarf woven, mostly because the last one had a warp thread snap and now I'm wanting to get an adult size of the herringbone scarf done (rather than the kid sized one I made last time).

So I'm getting a bunch of FO posts to publish during the week, and I will try to stay on top of this blogging stuff, I do enjoy blogging and hopefully after a month of commuting I will finally not finding it not so deadly.