Working hard or hardly working?

So, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been having quite the time the last couple of weeks.  Between the nice weather (which unfortunately hasn't included any rain and we are in serious drought/forest fire conditions up here) and helping to put on a huge fundraising event for work last friday (two days ago), I have been knitting like a fiend, but mostly absent from the more social aspects of our fiber world.

So, since posting about my beautiful new red shawl, I have managed to work stupid long hours to make this fundraising event, a cottage tour on Lake Muskoka using the R.M.S. Segwun, happen.  It was an amazing event, everyone had a great time and we had spectacular weather.

As well, we have been helping Carla with her new puppy, Tosh, while she works the obcene hours her job requires during the 3 1/2 week chamber music festival she helps to run.

Also, I managed to finish a few projects, and by a few I mean, a shawl, two scarves and a pair of socks ...

So I have a bit of work ahead of me to catch up on my blogging, but we are now into the Ravellenic Games (formerly known as the Ravelympics) and I'm aiming to knit two pairs of patterned socks (Pinus Sicilian and Cone Socks) and my first projects on DPNs, Monte.

Oh and I didn't spin a yard for the Tour de Fleece, maybe next year ...

So what do you think, working hard or hardly working?