Good News, Everyone!

No, Dr. Farnsworth is not sending you off on a suicidal package delivery, I have lots of fun exciting news to share. I'm one of the new Minions (Studio Assistants) of indigodragonfly and I'm moving into a new place, namely my own apartment.

These two things are connected to one another, mostly that by getting the apartment I need to get a job to supplement my hours, and also that I wouldn't have been able to take the indigodragonfly job unless I got the new apartment.

As I have mentioned, I started a new job in June.  I love my job, the thing I don't love is the 2 hours I spend in the car each day (although due to only working 30hrs/week it is only 4 days each week) driving to and from work.  I wish I could take public transit but that isn't an option here in "Northern Ontario" and my hour commute is 50 mi (80km) each way, so it is taking a big chunk out of my wallet in gas and wear & tear.

Now, I'm moving to Bracebridge where my job is and which is halfway between where I have been living, with my parents in Parry Sound, and Haliburton where Kim and Ron have their studio.  It is kind of the center of my current universe and seems like a good spot to be located even if my contract isn't extended past its current length of 6 months.  My move-in date is the Sunday of K-W weekend (Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Guild Knitter's Fair), so that should make for an exciting weekend.

Knowing that I would be moving, and paying rent for the first time in quite a while, I decided to buy a new computer.  Lappy 286, also known as a 2007 15" MacBook Pro, has been a good computer, getting me through grad school and life in Parry Sound, but now it struggles to run Safari and iTunes at the same time (not like in the old days when it would only bog down if I were running InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mail, and iTunes at the same time).  She has gone through two DVD drives, a battery, a couple of topcases (thank you AppleCare for all of those) and a new HD which I installed myself.  Her latch is half broken, she has some lines on her screen and if you rest your hand on the right side above the DVD drive it bounces and creaks from when I opened her up to install the new HD.

I do love the beast, she was my first Mac, but much like Strongbad I have to upgrade my computer and right now Lappy 486, aka a 2012 15" non-Retina MacBook Pro, is sitting in a UPS warehouse in Kentucky enroute to me.  I'm so excited! With this computer I should be able to actually run iPhoto and manage my pictures and actually get them onto my blog with some regularity, which is good for everyone.

Between, my awesome apartment, Minion status and new computer, I must say, everything is coming up Millhouse! P.S. If you can identify all my cartoon references in here you win the warm feeling of knowing you are as much a nerd as I am.