Well that was a wild week

I'm sitting here in my old bedroom at my parent's house (which I only moved out of an the beginning of the month) and realizing it has been a bit of a wild week. First, I came down with a cold.  You can ask my sister Carla, I never get colds.  But if I do catch one, I will be sick (not really) for about 24hrs and then somehow manage to pass it to her where she will keep it for almost two weeks.  So I started getting sick over night between Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning I was up and at it for our Golf Tournament at work.  This is a big fundraiser for my organization and we were at an unbelievably exclusive club in Foot's Bay.  They never host tournaments, but they made an exception for us and it was incredible.  The weather was incredible, but not in a good way.  It had rained the night before, and while we had about 2 hours of sun, there was an hour of downpour and followed by a cold, grey and windy afternoon.

I went, despite my cold working very hard to keep my cold to myself.


The next day I showed up at work, my boss sent me home so for the first time in my life I was off work for being sick.  And I was sick enough that I didn't really do any knitting.  However, unlike the weekend the skies were that perfect clear blue that they are up here sometimes so I went out to the High Falls in Bracebridge for a short walk.

Wednesday is when things really got wild. I went into work to find out that there had been some staffing changes.  This was not completely unexpected, there had been issues with this coworker over the summer, however I thought they had been resolved.  However, things are fine for me and I might even mange to get my contract extended slightly to help with covering her work. When I made it home I had zero interest in knitting, weaving or spinning, and my cold which was workable was still kicking my ass slightly.

Thursday decided to up the ante with some more office politics, which are being dealt with in a good, positive way.  However, the big thing on Thursday was that I started getting my knitting mojo back, and I came up with my solution to the issue I was having with the heel of a pair of plain Felici socks I'm making as a gift.

Friday, normally I go to work for Kim at indigodragonfly, but due to the nature of the work (ie being around people and not in my cubicle) we decided that since I'm not fully over my cold I should probably stay home.  And stay home I did.  This time though I had the energy to enjoy knitting, so I turned both the heels on my gift socks (just up the legs to go!), wound 5 skeins of yarn into cakes and cast on three or four new projects, direct warped my loom (although I have yet to sley the heddle and tie on), cleaned and took pictures of my apartment and headed to Parry Sound for dinner at my Grandparent's cottage.

Which brings us to today, I'm in Parry Sound to participate in Doors Open and Trails Open, but after four beautiful clear days, the weather has decided to be miserable and overcast, so into that, with too many knitting projects on the go a the remainders of a hacking cough, I head out to guide walking tours of the fantastic Parry Sound waterfront trails.  Hopefully, I won't freeze to death because I want to get some knitting done before I head back to Bracebridge for what will hopefully be a less wild week.