FO: Spectra Woven

Spectra 1

So in old news, I have a HUGE backlog of FOs.  I finished the scarf back in September and photographed it back at Thanksgiving, and I mean Canadian Thanksgiving, in October.  Yeah, let's  just move on from that and enjoy how pretty weaving is in the fall.

Spectra 2

I would talk more about the scarf but honestly, it's been more than 2 months, and I so cannot remember all the details, but based on the pictures it does look like I need to iron the scarf flat.


- Details -

Project Name: Spectra Woven

Draft: Plain Weave

Recipient: No idea

Yarn: Leftovers from Spectra-Scope

Modifications: None, what are the mods to plain weave?

New Skills: Measuring the warp properly to use up all my leftovers.


  • Yarn: Worked perfectly for the pattern, but not something I would go get again.
  • Draft: Plain weave is plain weave

Re-Weave?: Well yes, I do love a good plain weave.