Meet the Stragglers

Going into 2012 I had a clean slate of projects, this year is a bit different, I have a few stragglers that I wasn't able to get done before midnight on December 31st.  They will be either finished or frogged by the end of the year, and probably sooner than that.  Here they are, from earliest cast-date to latest cast on date. First up, we have the Rockberry Triangle.

Rockberry Triangle

Cast on: September 18th Percent Complete: Probably about 50%, I am just starting chart D (which is the other design on the body before the edging) Deadline: I don't really want to start another big shawl till I get this one done, so it is at the top of the WIP pile.

Next, we have, Opal Bud Crochet Shawl,

Opal Heather Shawl

Cast on: September 30th Percent Complete: 5% - I've barely scratched the surface on this one, as I have 1,200 yds of laceweight earmarked for this project Deadline: None in mind, I just want to get it done before the end of the year.

Then, soon after I cast on Too Cool for My Socks

Very cool toes

Cast on: October 4th Percent Complete: 10% - the toes are done and when I actually get to them in my purse they should get finished reasonably quickly Deadline: I hope to have these done before the snow melts, I have heard rumors that Felici Sport is being discontinued, so I stocked up during the Black Friday sale and will have lots of socks to keep me happy for a few years, so I have no real desire to rush through this pair.

Then after a bit of a gap, I have my Canaries, Castles and Bunnies, Oh My!

Color Affection

Cast on: November 3rd (sorta) Percent Complete: 0% - I have knit and ripped out the first section about 10 times since I cast on 2 months ago Deadline: Like two months ago, I need to focus in and get working on this, or find another three-color shawl, cause this one is really hanging over my head.

Then we have one last thing cast on in 2012, Ottawa Baby Sweater

Ottawa Baby Sweater

Cast on: December 26th Percent Complete: 60% - Deadline: Right away, I need to finish three more baby sweaters before a shower that I have heard rumors will be in February ...

Actually, there was one more in 2012, Pointelle, but I decided to hibernate it after screwing up the first two rows of the cuff too many times.

Then with 2013 starting I have some a new kid on the block, a Raccoon for Toshie

The Start of Rocky Raccoon


So I have my work cut out for me, but all projects finished in 2013 count towards this year's goals.