A little bit of catching up

So, I've been AWOL from this blog for a couple of months now as I got Lone/Maple Studio up and running, so I have lots of fun things to catch you up on.


First, the semi-secret project I was knitting for most of the summer was a beautiful pi shawl I knit for my sister's wedding which happened on October 5th.  Originally we thought it would work as a veil in her hair but it was too heavy (and the hair dresser though too delicate, although with 100% silk it is quite hearty) so she wore it as a shawl. 


She looked absolutely beautiful and my new brother-in-law looked suitably handsome. While we didn't have one of those bright autumn days, the weather was beautifully overcast and made for excellent photographs.


Blocking the shawl on my Queen-size bed.

Blocking the shawl on my Queen-size bed.

I must say, knitting a 1000+ yd laceweight shawl was far less of a chore than I imagined.  While I have not (and will not) calculate the time it took me to make it, the quality of the yarn and the needles were such that even when a plain/resting round took me 45 minutes I was never really all that annoyed.  I will be certainly be making another in my future, although I'm not sure of the yarn or the occasion.

Taken immediately after binding off.

Taken immediately after binding off.


I'm really happy for my sister and brother-in-law, now I just needle to buckle down and start really knitting the Christmas stockings I promised them, guess I should get back to it.

Project Details - 

Project: Crossroads Wedding Pie 
Pattern: Heliotaxis Pi Shawl by Renata Brenner
Yarn: Handmaiden Lace Silk in Natural  (Which Carla picked up while she and Jim were on vacation in Eastern Canada in the summer of 2012.  I had to order a second skein to do the full project, but I'm saving the second portion for something special for her in the future)