Knittin' with a kitten

... Can sometimes leave things to be desired.

While Jack is a wonderful kitten, who brings me so much joy, he is also a yarn stealer.

I know there is an intrinsic connection between kittens and yarn, but having Jack around has had caused my knitting quantity to nosedive.  Partially because I'm spending much more time playing and snuggling with him, but also because every time I get out a project he tries to steal the working yarn or the project right out of my hands.


He also really like knitting cables, at this stage he has only destroyed one of the clear plastic ChiaoGoo cables but there are bite marks in the cables on every active project. The nice thing about an interchangeable system is all I have to do is get another cable.

He also really likes to sit on my computer, somehow his feet always activate the Caps Lock and he turns on the backlight on my keyboard.

He is an Apple/Mac cat as he found a nice spot on my dad's Mac Mini to perch on when were home a month ago.

Although at other times he can sit right next to computer and keeps me company.

It's not just yarn, he also loves fluff. When Jack first came home he disappeared at one stage and I found him asleep in my spinning basket.  I keep it covered now, but if I take the cover off I will find him there again.


On his first week 

ut in the end I think all the yarn chasing is worth it because he might be the cutest kitten ever!