WIP Wednesday: A full basket

This week I feel a little bit like, what isn't a WIP this week, I have a full basket of things to do.

The biggies this week I can't tell you about because they are super secret design projects that are due far too soon!  It's my own procrastination that is to blame on the timeline crunch, however the patterns are written up and now I have to knit to see if they work.

In the non-design category I have two plain socks on the go.  While we were away at Rhinebeck I got the first leg of both knitted so I have two socks from that weekend done, however they don't match each other, whoops.  I'm working on the second rainbow fleck sock (from The Lemonade Shop on Etsy) and then I will switch over to Gatineau, Fall the self striper from Turtlepurl Yarns (on Etsy).

And because today is apparently International Cat Day, I don't know how that is a thing, but whatever, here is your dose of Jack belly.