Gettin' 'er done

IN the past few weeks I've been on a finishing binge.  Three pairs of socks off the needles feels like a real accomplishment.

While the picture only shows one finished green sock, I did finish both, I swear.

Now I'm trying to finish up one last pair on the needles, yes I did have four pairs of socks on the go at once, like a ROCKSTAR!

I also have in progress a cross stitch project, an embroidery sampler (the Blanket Stitch one), a weaving project and a spinning project that has been ongoing for at least 6months.

So right now my focus is on finishing, although I need to work on some designs I have floating around in my head.

Also, I need to get organized to go to Rhinebeck in a couple of weekends, my first time!  So excited to see all the vendors and sheep and what the big deal is about.  Who or what should I make sure I see when at Rhinebeck?  I'm taking suggestions.