Winter is Coming

While we didn't get whalloped in Bracebridge the way others did, I'm looking at you Carla, winter did make an appearance today.

Thankfully as a knitter we just think of a snowy afternoon as an excuse to hunker down with a nice mug of tea, some knitting and a good movie or podcast.  

However seeing as it is only November 13th, its going to be a long winter because the forecast doesn't show a stop to the snow anytime soon.

Now if only I had managed to get my snowtires on my car before this started. However, I do keep my snow brush in my car year round.  Must be a Canadian thing.

So, here's to winter, and snowshoeing and skiing and sledding and the ice trail in Arrowhead Provincial Park. There are some pretty awesome things about winter, I just need to be reminding myself of them.

Also speaking of a change in the weather, my classes have returned to Muskoka Yarn Connection. I will be teaching Rigid Heddle Weaving 101 on Saturday, November 22nd.  Call Michele at MYC to register.