New "Spring" Socks!

The quotes around "spring" are more about the season than the socks.  We got another 5+cm of snow overnight and there are still a few flakes in the air.

The view from my apartment deck this morning.  If you squint you can see the edge of the Muskoka River melting.

However, there is nothing like a good pair of new socks to help improve my mood, and its even better when they are a hot, awesome, almost coral-ish, pink.

For much of my life I've shied away from pinks, as they didn't appeal to me and they were way to "girly" for me.  However as I get closer to 30, I'm discovering how much I like bright, brash colors and pinks like this do the trick nicely.

This colorway is one of those special, unrepeatable skeins that happens when a dyer gets to the end of their day.  This skein, which is Kilcoursie Fingering by Georgian Bay Fibre Co.  was one where Carla had been experimenting with some yellows and had a few skeins she wasn't pleased with, so at the end of the dye day she over-dyed it with leftovers, which must have included some magenta. 

I even wore them to work yesterday! They make most days better!

As her sister, and resident sock knitter, I offered to take that skein of dastardly pink yarn off her hands and make myself a pair of socks out if it.  I know that was a very generous offer on my part.

So now I have socks that are worthy of spring, now if only "spring" would get the hint and catch up!

Project: Cavalcade "Spring" Socks
Pattern: Cavalcade Socks by Tanis Lavalle of Tanis Fiber Arts
Yarn: Kilcoursie Fingering in an OOAK by Georgian Bay Fibre Co.