A little more than expected

So a week ago I tried to write a post called "my get up and go, got up and went" and apparently I couldn't get together to write it, and in the interim I apparently got a whole bunch of stuff done.  I was intending to complain about my lack of knitting/spinning/weaving mojo, but apparently it wasn't as gone as I thought I was.

This week I finished up two skeins of yarn (that will be used to tie on tags for the yarns sold by Carla over at Georgian Bay Fibre Co.) and released a new pattern.

Today the spinning:

I finished spinning the singles and plied some Georgian Bay Fibre Co. Hennessy Combed Top in Franklin Island Lichen

Then I spun the singles in Big Sound Squall (Georgian Bay Fibre Co.)

And got those singles chain plyed (as well).

In addition to the spinning I finally finished my newest pattern, Vintage Lace Socks, that was released two days ago by Carla, over at Georgian Bay Fibre Co.

The pattern is a top-down sock with a really neat lace panel down the outside of each sock.  They were Carla's birthday socks, that turned out so well that I wrote them up and Carla has published them.

So apparently I was more productive than I thought, and I expect I will keep things moving through the summer.