Feline Friday: What Jack did on his summer vacation

Well, nothing like making a liar out of yourself. My last blog post was nearly 3 months ago and I haven't finished a knitting project since. I've done lots of other things, like working long hours and regularly getting 12,000+ steps a day at work.  Since I got my new Garmin Vivofit in early July, I've taken over 600,000 steps! 

Unfortunately, that increase in activity has been at the expense of my knitting/crochet/spinning/weaving.  The only project I finished this summer was a cross stitch.

Design by Jodi at Satsuma Street

However, Fridays are Jack's day on the blog so here are just a few of the shots I got of the little beastie over the summer.

Lots of sleep, both in dignified and undignified positions, and being his big goofball self.  While Jack turned one, back at the end of August, he is still very much a kitten.  

My knitting mojo has been slowly returning, and I should have a FO any day now!