On 2015 and Looking Forward

Well, the first full day of the year has nearly passed and I'm finally at my computer to write out this year's goals.

Looking forward and looking back on the Muskoka River

You can see my goals for the last few years, some have been proscriptive and long, other years have been more relaxed.  I think this year is going to be a relaxed goal year because I have a sneaking suspicion that at the end of the year I'm going to be having one of those "well, you can't believe the year I've had" kind of posts.

So for this year my goals are as follows - 

Knit socks, lots of socks, and any other patterns that inspire me.

Spin & weave as much as I can without it feeling like a chore.

Keep the stashing to a minimum, but buy and use the yarns that inspire me.

Work on other crafts like cross stitch, needlepoint, tatting and crochet, to keep my fingers and my brain working.

Blog more - because I enjoy doing it and I think you folks out there enjoy reading it.

That's it.

I think keeping it simple and focusing on the experience, rather than the numbers, will make for an enjoyable year.  So here's to 2015, another exciting year when exciting things are bound to happen.