Little knits for little ones

For those of you who follow my sister Carla over at Georgian Bay Fibre Co., you may already know this, but I have some baby knits in my future, because I'm going to be an Auntie!

My sister is having a baby in August and as the designated knitter, I already have a few things on, and off the needles for the future little one.

So far, I've completed two sweaters, a Newborn Vertebrae and a Beyond Puerperium both by Kelly Brooker.  Both have been made out of Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK, in club and OOAK colourways that have been hanging around my stash for ages.  Because Carla hasn't had her gender scan yet, I thought that sunshine yellow (aka Saffron) and autumnal red-orange (aka Paprika) would be perfect for any baby, and great for hand-me-downs, because these little knits really don't last very long, because babies have this nasty habit of growing, or so I hear.

NIco at 6mo in his brown sweater - he is turning 3 on his birthday this month!

NIco at 6mo in his brown sweater - he is turning 3 on his birthday this month!

Up next I have plans for another, fingering weight, Vertebrae that is, in a 6 -12mo size from some yarn in my stash.  Many years ago I made one for a friend, and apparently it was one of the best clothing items she had for her son, Nico.

Another one I'm excited to knit is the R&R Hoodie by Tanis Lavallee. I snagged some Kilcoursie Aran in Asparagus in the April Fools Day sale at Georgian Bay Fibre Co. that will be just perfect for a spring hoodie in the 6-12 month size.

Also, my big knit for the baby is a blanket.  I will be using the Heirloom Chevron Throw pattern from Fancy Tiger Crafts and downsizing it for a baby.  Carla and I are still picking out the colors (some part of her regular collection and a couple of OOAKs) but I expect to be knitting it on the Kilcoursie DK base.  With superwash BFL and nylon, which will be awesome for an item that is going to get a whole lot of wear and tear, and trips through the washer and dryer.

So, what other baby knits should I be adding to my list?  Parents of little ones, what knitted items did you appreciate the most, and which ones were more trouble than they were worth?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments so I can tailor my to knit list to just the most useful items.