It's back babydolls!!

Hello Fall and my creative energy!

After being pretty much gone since the spring, my desire to make is back with a vengeance.

Right now, I'm working on a second "Find your Fade" shawl, a Satsuma Street cross stitch, a spinning project, a pair of plain socks and my sock yarn blanket.  I also just pulled out for a pi shawl, a heavy weight shawl (as soon as I see the new Softweater "Gentle Armour" patterns I will have picked a pattern), a sweater, and another pair of plain socks.  As well, I grabbed some smaller put ups of fibre for my spindles and another wheel project. 

Oh also, I want to learn how to do hand lettering. I have markers, pens and books to help me learn that.

So my eyes are a bit bigger than my stomach.  As long as I am kind to myself and I do what I want, I'm all good. 

UPDATE - Gentle Armour is out, and I just cast on Blanket Fort, this is going to be a good weekend. 

Back on track

Wow, it's been a while since I've managed to get a blog post out.  After a summer at camp I'm pretty wrung out and drained.  I love camp, it's truly my passion, but like all things that matter it is completely exhausting, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

However, over the past few months I've managed to refill my cup (so to speak). 

I've been working on lots of knitting, as well as adding lots of new artistic and physical pursuits to my schedule.  During each week I manage to go to an Irish Dance class, swimming lessons, choir, board game meet-up, watercolour painting class and an online course in Adult Education. 

So here's a little taste of what I've been up to, and I look forward to getting back into the swing of blogging, as I really enjoy sharing on the blog.