WIP Wednesday: Spending time with my Ladybird

What I'm working on this week is spending more time at my spinning wheel.  I'm deep in the weeds of designing and because of that I don't find knitting provides me the meditative relaxation at the of the end of the day, the way it used to.

That is okay, I like the designs I'm working on, but I can't lose myself in it, because that makes for unfun, horrible to tech edit, patterns.  

However, my meditative salvation is right there in my apartment, waiting unassumingly in a corner.  My spinning wheel, Claudia, has been waiting for me to notice her for a while now, and last night I finally did.

With Jacey Boggs Faulker, of PLY Magazine and Insubordiknit fame, at my side in the form of her  Craftsy Class, "Drafting from Worsted to Woolen",  I was feeling so much better about my short forward draft and feeling much more in control of the process.

Next I will be spending sometime with Jillian Moreno, of KnittySpin fame, in her Craftsy Class, "Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You Really Want" to get my ply exactly where I want it.

So I work along on my knitting, but I'm excited to spend time back at my wheel.  She is a good friend, and spinning puts my brain exactly where I need it when it starts running a million miles an hour faster than my head.

So that is my WIP for the week, trying to spend more time at my wheel and spin when I need that good brain energy I get from it!

WIP Wednesday: Moving Right Along

So after spending most of November working like a madwoman on my two recent designs, I've been relishing the chance to work on some selfish knitting before its back to design time.

I had one go so quickly to FO I didn't get to share it as a WIP.

Pattern: The Ivy by Carla Pletzer Yarn: Georigan Bay Fibre Co. Hennessy Bulky in Bala Cranberry

Pattern: The Ivy by Carla Pletzer
Yarn: Georigan Bay Fibre Co. Hennessy Bulky in Bala Cranberry

However, I do have two pairs of socks and my Honeytree Vest on the go and having a great time!

My first successful Afterthought Heel.  Yarn by Nomadic Yarns Twisty Sport in Mantel.

My first successful Afterthought Heel.  Yarn by Nomadic Yarns Twisty Sport in Mantel.

What are you working on this week?  Are you working hard on Christmas gifts or just enjoying a little selfish knitting now that the weather has turned frosty?

WIP Wednesday: A full basket

This week I feel a little bit like, what isn't a WIP this week, I have a full basket of things to do.

The biggies this week I can't tell you about because they are super secret design projects that are due far too soon!  It's my own procrastination that is to blame on the timeline crunch, however the patterns are written up and now I have to knit to see if they work.

In the non-design category I have two plain socks on the go.  While we were away at Rhinebeck I got the first leg of both knitted so I have two socks from that weekend done, however they don't match each other, whoops.  I'm working on the second rainbow fleck sock (from The Lemonade Shop on Etsy) and then I will switch over to Gatineau, Fall the self striper from Turtlepurl Yarns (on Etsy).

And because today is apparently International Cat Day, I don't know how that is a thing, but whatever, here is your dose of Jack belly.  

WIP Wednesday: October 31st


Sorry about the poor quality of WIP Wednesday photos, it is really dark here in the morning.

Last week, I had a few more projects on the needles, but I finished the Pomatomus socks and I decided to hibernate my crocheted stole in preparation for KAL Chaos.

This leaves (from left to right):

  •  Thyme - I have made it through the main body and first lace repeat, just three more and a knitted on edge
  • Hello Sweetie - This is going to be my purse project for the next little while, these should be quick but they just haven't been at the top of the to do list.
  • Too Cool for My Socks - Finally got the toes knit on these, but they are going into hibernation until I finish my TFA KAL socks and Hello Sweetie.  I would like to have them finished by the end of the year.
  • Rockberry Triangle - Through the 3 charts, but really only one section (stitch pattern). As a worsted weight shawl, it really shouldn't be that much longer. I'm not hibernating it, but maybe lowering it down the list.

So, tomorrow I will be casting on for the TFA KAL projects and then not long after I will be starting the other KAL projects.