Catching up WIP Wednesday

I haven't done a WIP Wednesday in ages, and this will probably be a one-off to get you caught up on my current WIPs.

First, my knitting productivity has taken a nose-dive recently. Not surprisingly this has coincided with the arrival of Jack, my kitten.  He is doing as well with my knitting as can be expected from a 3-month-old kitten, but he would rather I be playing or snuggling, rather than playing with pointy sticks that he's not allowed to play with as well.

Napping is on Jack's list of favorite activities for us to do together.

However, I have some pressing (and long past) knitting deadlines I need to meet.

The big project is the Christmas Stockings I'm making for Carla and Jim (my sister and brother-in-law). I finally have the yarn and the right size so I'm making swift headway. However that I'm only on the first cuff of the first (of three) stockings.  This one has a firm deadline of December 24th, as Carla and Jim plan on filling these stocking for each other on Christmas Eve. 

Well at least the turned hem cuff is just two rows from being done.

Another deadline I've missed by a long shot are the birthday socks for my mom.  Her birthday was back in October (the weekend after the wedding that was also Thanksgiving) and so I would like to have these done before year-end. Also because I have to make Jim's birthday socks by the end of January.

I'm halfway down one leg and have the cuff done of the other sock.  At least I won't have second sock syndrome.

The final project I'm actively working on right now is a design I've been working on. This is a quick-ish bulky blanket knit in KnitPicks Billow, which is an incredible thick/thin cotton that has a great feel and is totally fun to knit with.

The fabric of this blanket is just incredible, I picked up more during the KnitPicks Big Sale to make another.

I should probably get back to knitting, as I have miles to go before I sleep on all my projects!


FO: Baby Ripples Blanket

It is going to be a bit a race to the finish to blog all the things I need to blog before the end of 2011.  This blanket is the biggest project I have done to date.

At this point I don't have any recipients lined up for the blanket yet, but I know that a well made cotton/acrylic baby blanket is a good gift on had as I (and my friends) get closer to 30 than 25.

Yet again, I am pleased with the fantastic instruction that is an Attic24 pattern, when I grow up I want to be as cool as Lucy.

- Details -

Project Name: Baby Ripples Blanket

Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic 24.

Recipient: Unknown as of this time.

Yarn: KnitPicks Comfy Sport in Fedora, Ivory, Cashew, Sea Foam, Marlin, Creme Brulee, Silver Sage, Peony and Honey Dew.


  • Chained 171 to make an 40in edge
  • Patterned the ripples to use up the maximum amount of yarn

New Skills:

  • Crocheted Ripple Pattern


  • Yarn: Such a good workhorse yarn, and after washing (Warm/Cold) and drying (medium) it blooms and is just so soft. Also because of the acrylic it doesn't seem to to shrink up and it kept its drape.
  • Pattern: As always Lucy's pattern is clear, concise and with lots of photos.

Re-Crochet?: Probably not, however I might do more of Lucy's patterns. I don't have much use for crocheted blankets as I have some beautiful quilts.

WIP Wednesday: December 14th

The blanket is growing and finally nearing completion, the ripples are soothing, but I want to make other crocheted things and I don't want hibernate the blanket because I don't think I would want to come back to it anytime soon, and I want to get all my 2011 WIPs done in 2011.

Also, the Burnham Mittens are moving along, they took a short nap while I started and finished a pair of mittens for my Dad for Christmas and a hat for me.  My second hat of the winter is started, I had to frog and cast on a second time because I managed to twist it while magic looping, oops.

WIP Wednesday: November 30th

While I have been doing some fibery things, the real WIP this week has been the upstairs rooms.  I will take more photos (the sun is out for the first time in days, but I don't think I will be home in time to get pictures in the daylight), but here is a sneak peek at some of the work we have been doing to the house.

Also, I am getting some work on done on my blanket and finally got started on my Burnham Mittens.  Also my wheel has been for a spin recently, I'm working on a wild colored batt I got from bohoknitterchic this fall, as part of her club.

WIP Wednesday: November 9th

Ugh, today was not a day for pictures, the days are short and today was so very grey and dark, ugh. So I have doubled the size of the Baby Ripples since last week, and no change on the Cowl, although I know I need to focus on it or it will be a WIP forever (and make me crazy) so I think I may take a break from crochet to finish off the cowl so I can rock through a few different pairs of colorwork mittens I have in my queue.

Also, this weekend I am hoping to build a lightbox with my sister, so we don't have to miss any future WIP Wednesday pictures due to Expected Acts of Winter.