FO: Sister Scarves

So a while back my sister Carla made plans to crochet herself an hexagon blanket, it didn't work out and while she managed to destash all the full balls, there was 500g of yarn remained in partial balls and the crocheted hexagons themselves.

With the yarn the way it was, in little butterflies from the frogged hexagons and larger bundles, it wasn't conducive to either knitting and crocheting, but would be perfect for weaving.  By using the larger balls for the warp and the little bundles for sections of weft, I could turn the yarn into something useful.

The two scarves were warped differently due to yarn restraints and the weft on the first is more regular (all the colors have an equal number of ends) and on the second I used up each of the colors in order and then used Chipmunk (which there was more of than any other color) to warp the full width.

For both of them I used the butterflies for weft, the first was entirely random, but for the second I was a bit more strategic alternating a large segment of Chipmunk with two and three random stripes in the other colors.

In the end I had two 3.5 yrd scarves and about 60g of yarn remaining.  I have plans for that last little bit, mostly a baby scarf for baby Nico who I made the baby sweaters for.

- Details -

Project Name: Sister Scarf and Return of Sister Scarf

Draft: Drunken Plaid by Green Bean's String Factory

Recipient: Carla of CarlaBeeCreations (and whomever she chooses to give the other one to).

Yarn: City Tweed DK in Chipmunk, Tabby, Snowshoe, Obsidian, Tahitian Pearl, Tarantella and Orca


  • Each of the scarves was warped and weft differently

New Skills:

  • Warp Stripes
  • Weft Stripes


  • Yarn: Wow, this yarn is so very, very soft!  I'm eager to get more of it to make Christmas scarves.
  • Draft: Yep, this confirms it, I'm a genius.  And by genius I mean super lucky and Carla did such a great job with the color palette to start with, I really was set up for success.

Re-Weave?: For sure, these babies are a great, fun and quick way to make really nice looking gifts.