On Planning and Guilds

As alluded in the most recent WIP Wednesday, I have been taking my fiber world beyond the confines of my house, family and blog, and starting up a new group, the Georgian Bay Fiber Guild, based in Parry Sound.

We had our first meeting last night, and I think I can qualify it as a success.  Carla and I have been working it for a month or so and were ready, but there is nothing like the worry that no one will show up.

In the end, we had a great turnout for a first meeting, with 10 (including myself and Carla), and we had everyone from weavers, to quilters, to machine knitters, to rug hookers.  It seemed everyone had or is currently a knitter so it is neat to share so much in common and yet have so many other skill sets.

There are already plans for field trips (one of our members raises Churro Sheep) to workshops (another member is a registered, official rug hooking instructor), to weekend Stitch 'n' Bitch groups and the possiblity of road trips to events across Ontario (K-W 2012 here we come!).

It is so gratifying to meet a group of such impressive and skilled women (no men yet, but maybe one day), and have the chance to spin in public for the first time.

My wheel travelled beautifully (she is a Traveller) and worked like a dream, I think there may be a few more wheels out next time.

If you are in the Parry Sound-ish area and are interested in joining you can check out the website or drop me a line here or on Ravelry and I can get you all the details.