Rainbowllenics Socks

With two pairs of socks (and a hat) all finished in the past week, I've been thinking about what to cast on next.  However, a perfect storm of events all came together to inspire me to cast on my next pair of socks for me, my Rainbowllenic Socks.

First, Felici Fingering has been discontinued by KnitPicks so I had six pairs of socks worth of Felici show up this week.  I've been wanting to knit another pair of Felici socks.

Second, I've been constantly tempted to wear the Jaywalkers I made for my mom's birthday socks (and I showed off last time).

Third, I was checking out the Ravellenic Games 2014 rules and found a category for "The Rainbowllenics Parade".  The description for this category is "This parade is to celebrate rainbow projects! No matter your reason for choosing to craft a rainbow (any rainbow!), be it for LGBTQ solidarity or pride, a personal protest against the anti-LGBTQ laws in Russia and elsewhere, or you just like rainbows, here’s the place to share your beautiful work with the group at-large."

All this came together into making my Rainbowllenic Felici Jaywalker Socks.  I will be casting on in a couple of hours with the start of the Opening Ceremonies.

I'm not participating in the Ravellenics in any sort of formal way.  Actually I was planning on ignoring it, and the Olympics, all together this year because of Russia's anti-LGBT Propaganda laws. But this approach seems like a nice balance, a small, insignificant statement in support of the LGBT individuals currently being persecuted in Russia and I get some awesome rainbow socks out of it.