Wedding Bells and Springtime Haruni

So, I have been a bit remiss in my knitting and blogging, I was in Ottawa for a wedding.  One of my closest friends from high school got married at the Billings Estate.  Fun times were had by all, including my good friend the Knitting Ninja.  We danced the night away with good friends and good music. However, you are here for the knitting so here is my most recent Pre-Blocking HaruniPre-Block Haruni TextureThe crochet bind off was a bit of a bear, I will do things differently if I come up against that request in another pattern.

It blocked beautifully, even though I was doing it during a family dinner.

Blocked Haruni

So now that Haruni is off my needles I am starting up a few new projects including finishing Shifting Silt Scarf, working on a new pattern I am testing, and getting started on some Christmas knitting for relatives.  I am designing some hats for a few of my cousins and making some Bella Mitts for another cousin. I am being intentionally vague on the hats because they are going to be a surprise.

RIP Cherrywood Scarf

After much debating, and many, many, many attempts I frogged my Cherrywood Scarf tonight. I agonized over this decision, but I decided that for me knitting is about the enjoyment of the activity not about the fortitude to continue on with a project I don't enjoy working on.

So in honor of the Cherrywood Scarf, I give you its last picture ...

For every death there is new life ... I just cast on Springtime Haruni.  I am really enjoying making shawls and using Knit Picks lace yarns.  They are not as scrumptious as my Malabrigos and my soon to be arriving Handmaiden Sea Silk.  These projects are practice for my future Dancing Crane Stole made of Elann Silken Kydd.