The next wave approaches ...

So earlier this year I was prepping for what is an inevitability of growing up, that  my cohort would start having babies.  I wanted to get a sense of what a person should knit for babies, and used baby Nico as a test run. I ended up knitting two "sets" a Puerperium Cardigan  Sweater in Tourmaline by Sweet Georgia Yarns and Baby Vertebrae Sweater in Kindling by KnitPicks both by Kelly Booker.

Nico is now six months old (and still wearing the brown sweater) and over Thanksgiving I heard that two of my cousins are expecting babies in April!

I'm really happy for both families, and these are the first babies in several years.

One family is planning on finding out their baby's gender while the other is  not, so I'm trying to plan out matching/coordinating knits in coordinating and gender neutral colors.  I'm expecting that there will be lots and lots of pictures of these two together (because the mom in one family and the dad in the other are siblings).

Seeing how much love the brown sweater has had I know I want to make ones for the new babies, and the blue sweater was just so cute (and perfect for pictures) so they will each get one of those.  I just need to hear about the gender of one of the babies and then I can pick the yarns.  Of course I have till April to get these done, I do want to get a fresh start on these in the new year.