Thursday Things: Hello Sunshine!

So, the thing that is making me happiest for the last little while is the Sunshine!

I know we will probably get spring, but this little taste of summer has been delightful and exactly what we all needed to shake off the long, cold winter that stretched from November till April.

I've been working a short contract at a local planning firm (yay for work in my field) and while I'm sad that I'm not able to spend all day, every day, outside, my knitting lunch breaks are making due.

And what is better than knitting in the sunshine?

Knitting in the sunshine with sunny yarn, which in this case is Georgian Bay Fibre Co. Kilcoursie Fingering in McKellar Honey.

One of my fave things about BFL yarn is the dynamic shimmer that you get from the slightly longer, larger BFL fibers.  They have a shimmer and shine that just glows in the sun. 

The sunshine also means that my outdoor activites have been kicked into high gear.  While I did get out for a hike nearly every day of the winter (despite the cold temperatures), there is something so much more fun about being able go out without spending a half-hour gearing up.  Although, I do find myself a little bit lost without pockets.

I've been to add a bit of running into my walks to get them over with quicker.  So far I haven't been able to make much of a difference, but every step is a good step. Oh, and the uglier the shoes the faster you move, so my new pair (the last pair were completely dead) are super comfy and also majorly ugly.

Also, for the last couple mornings I've been using my balcony to it's full effect and done some morning sun salutations, facing the Muskoka River. There is something about the smell of the sunshine and the river that is just unparalleled and so special.  

I'm not the only one who has been enjoying the sunshine, Jack says that he misses being the star of Feline Friday so he asked that I include his favorite way to enjoy the sunshine.

So how have you been enjoying the sunshine of late? Are you getting your garden ready, or just taking a book out to the backyard?