It's back babydolls!!

Hello Fall and my creative energy!

After being pretty much gone since the spring, my desire to make is back with a vengeance.

Right now, I'm working on a second "Find your Fade" shawl, a Satsuma Street cross stitch, a spinning project, a pair of plain socks and my sock yarn blanket.  I also just pulled out for a pi shawl, a heavy weight shawl (as soon as I see the new Softweater "Gentle Armour" patterns I will have picked a pattern), a sweater, and another pair of plain socks.  As well, I grabbed some smaller put ups of fibre for my spindles and another wheel project. 

Oh also, I want to learn how to do hand lettering. I have markers, pens and books to help me learn that.

So my eyes are a bit bigger than my stomach.  As long as I am kind to myself and I do what I want, I'm all good. 

UPDATE - Gentle Armour is out, and I just cast on Blanket Fort, this is going to be a good weekend.